We pride ourselves on the fresh products we serve. Everything is made to order. Our burgers are 100% USDA Lean Angus Beef and are fresh, never frozen. As a matter of fact, you won’t find a freezer or microwave in the building. Our beef, chicken and turkey sit between fresh, locally baked buns. Our French fries and onion rings are hand-cut and fried in cholesterol-free oil. All produce is fresh and crisp. 
Fresh will always be our commitment to you.


We have something for everyone in Las Vegas – a variety of juicy beef and turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches, crispy sides, Coca-Cola products and wine coolers. We can’t forget to mention ice cold beer on tap, because nothing is better than burgers and beer!

Flippin concretes shakes floats


Dessert lovers!  We have a full line of frozen custard treats including hand-spun milkshakes, malts, creamy blended floats and frozen concretes. Never had frozen custard? It’s like ice cream but softer and creamier…and better.

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